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Paper Writing Tips: Fast Research Guide for Students

As a student, you know that you will have no option but to write a research paper fast at some point in school to beat the deadline or to focus on other tasks waiting for you. Now, the time is finally here, and you are trying to find ways how to write a paper fast. Don’t worry because this guide will give you exclusive insights that will not only help you write your research paper fast but also produce a well-crafted paper that will guarantee you amazing grades.

Can you write a research paper in a day?

While it may not be the best idea, it is possible to craft a research paper in a day. It all depends on how ready and focused you are and the writing process plan you have.

For instance, if you schedule time for brainstorming ideas, time for doing fast research, and creating the outline before the writing process, you can finish a research paper within a day!

Simply put, the steps below will help you master how to write a research paper in a day:

  • Reading and understanding the requirements
  • Creating an in-depth outline
  • Drafting the intro section
  • Writing a compelling thesis statement
  • Writing well-structured body paragraphs
  • Writing the research paper’s conclusion
  • Adding page numbers
  • Citing the sources used

How to quickly write a research paper

Using the process below will help you learn and master how to write a research paper fast and produce a compelling paper.

  1. Understand the set guidelines

Before you take any other step, make sure you understand the requirements stated by the professor to avoid starting the process again when you realize later that you’ve made a mistake.

  1. Choose a researchable topic

In some instances, the tutor will give you a topic, ready to start the research process. However, if you have the option to figure out a topic, think of a creative, interesting, and researchable topic that will ease your writing process.

  1. Do the research

With your topic, do research to get information. You can review credible online sources or use books from the library.

  1. Write the thesis

A thesis is the central focus of your paper. All the discussion you will include in your paper must align with what your thesis statement says.

  1. Make an outline

A research paper outline will help you know what to include in each section of your paper without forgetting relevant details. Besides, an outline will make your writing process easy because you will have all the details in place.

  1. Write the paper (intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion)

Depending on your preference, you can either start with the main body paragraphs, then the conclusion, and finish with the introduction or start with the introduction, body paragraphs, then conclusion. The goal is to present a well-structured paper.  

  1. Cite the sources

Once you’ve finished the writing process, you need to cite all the sources you used in your paper, either in APA, MLA, or Chicago. It all depends on the tutor’s requirements.

  1. Rest

At this point, you’ve done almost everything. However, before proofreading and editing mistakes, take a break and rest from the books to review them later.  

  1. Proofread and edit

Finally, check your paper, read through as you edit any possible typos, grammar errors, and plagiarism, and you will be done with your research paper.

Tips for writing a paper

As you learn how to write a research paper fast, the following tips will always come in handy:

  • Create a conducive working space

You will need a clean and calm environment to enhance your concentration. Therefore, get a place with adequate lighting and free from all forms of noise.

  • Switch off your smartphone

If you intend to write a research paper fast, avoid working with your mobile phone on or around you. Social media notification is among the worst forms of distraction for students when studying, doing homework, or writing research papers.


As you advance your career, you can be sure to write several research papers. This call for the need to learn how to write such academic papers faster to avoid workload. This guide will help you not only finish your research paper quickly but also bring out a high-quality paper.